Janser Mozart Vinyl Weld Rod Trimmer and Accessories


The Mozart vinyl trimmer and Mozart trimmer blades, which are supplied in a pack of five, are ideal if you require the right tools at a great price. A Vinyl Trimmer is a handy tool to trim weld rod when laying flooring, to perfect all edges.

Our Mozart trimming tool range is all included in our Leister Mozart floor weld kit 110v, among many other handy tools, including the BT Weld Gun, cleaning brushes and much more. You can work faster and conduct a neater job when using our Mozart tool range.

We stock all Mozart blades and distance brackets, as they are regularly requested. A stand-up version of this tool is also available, referred to as a “Speed-Trimmer”.


Mozart Vinyl Weld Rod Trimmer Image

Mozart Vinyl Weld Rod Trimmer


Janser have produced a specially made leather safety pouch for this trimmer too, making it easier when conducting flooring tasks, not to rest tools on the new flooring and risk any possibility of damage.

In addition to the Mozart range, our Janser Trimmer RDP, is also efficient when trimming weld rod, or perhaps our Slim Trimmer is the ideal solution for a flooring job you are undertaking.

If you have any questions about our Mozart Vinyl Trimmer or Mozart accessories, please submit an enquiry today or contact us to find out more information.