Keeping machines and tools fit for a hard day on site is crucial. Janser offers a service/repair facility for most items commonly used in the flooring industry. Our in-house service will aim to provide a quick-turnaround and let you get on with jobs in hand.

Please see list of tools and machines we repair:

Stripping Machines, Single-Disc Floor Prep Machines, Vinyl Welding Equipment, Electric Staple Guns, Drills/Mixers, Door Saws, Sanding Machines, We will inspect items in for repair/service and quickly provide a quotation on any necessary work .

Please contact us with any Service/Repair enquiries on  T: 0121 561 5888   F: 0121 561 3330 

Please see the following Downloads for spare parts information.


Subfloor Prep & Single Disc Machines

Columbus Machine Spares

Size: 108.45 KB
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sub-floor prep machine....

Columbus Handle Parts

Size: 645.7 KB
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Janvac Model 1600

Size: 485.6 KB
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Mixing Machines

Collomix Xo 4 Parts

Size: 498.15 KB
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Powerful 2-speed machine (ideal up to 65 litres)

Collomix Mixing Drill, Xo1

Size: 224.05 KB
Added on 2014-03-11 10:19:24
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mixer for screeds etc...

Stripping & Removal Machines

Power Stripper, Ram

Size: 136.28 KB
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  carpet / vinyl removal machine for light contract, domestic, flooring material removal...

Cosmo III Stripper

Size: 586.26 KB
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Cosmo, 2016 + model,   Powerful, compact stripping machine.

Moisture Meter


Size: 1.19 MB
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Detail on the market leading MMS 2 Moisture detection device from Protimeter

Vinyl Grooving / Welding / Leister

Leister "GROOVER" Blade Options

Size: 259.64 KB
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Blade details for Leister Vinyl Grooving machine, "GROOVER"

Mafell KFU 1000

Size: 367.07 KB
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  grooving machine for vinyl flooring

KFU-830 Groover, Janser

Size: 513.38 KB
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830 watt vinyl groover, with diamond blade (code 223-920-002) option,     -standard blade is 130mm diam. x 3.2 / 12 teeth - (code 223-920-001)

Minifloor, Leister

Size: 199.21 KB
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Minifloor from Leister, main body parts for welding drive unit.

Leister Triac S

Size: 518.23 KB
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Swiss manufactured weld gun for vinyl flooring

Leister BT Parts

Size: 268.77 KB
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Leister BT Weld Gun parts diagram....

Leister spare heat Elements, Janser

Size: 76.15 KB
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...elements for Leister guns

Door Trimmers

Twist - Door Trimmer

Size: 1.19 MB
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Twist - adjustable dor trimmer, cuts into corners

Janser Flex Door Trimmer

Size: 427.18 KB
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Janser Door Trimmer featuring FLEX motor      - widely used in flooring and hire industries

Janser Flex Motor Parts

Size: 126.33 KB
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Janser Flex Door Trimmer -  Motor,  part numbers/diagram

Door BOSS Parts,

Size: 881.02 KB
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Janser "DOOR BOSS" Trimmer

Cutting Machines / Tile Cutters

H76 Tile Cutter (12 inch)

Size: 205.74 KB
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Tile Cutter 24 inch USA

Size: 234.95 KB
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vinyl tile cutter,.. widely used on most popular lvt etc..

24" Tile Cutter Instructions & Parts

Size: 386.86 KB
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Electric Stapling Systems

Maestri Stapler ME4000

Size: 144.29 KB
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Electric Stapler, firing 16mm and 20mm staples

Maestri 606 Stapler/Brad Tool

Size: 146.86 KB
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Electric stapler/brad tool, firing 18 or 22mm staples,  and 15/20/25/30mm brads


Miniket 2000 Carpet Whipper

Size: 1.07 MB
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Portable Carpet Whipping Machine

Miniket 2 Manual

Size: 3.94 MB
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early versions of portable machine, normally green/orange coloured cover,  machine now replaced by Miniket 2000


Junior Power Stretcher, PS.G

Size: 300.37 KB
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carpet power stretcher from USA, 22ft ext.,  fixed head