Aqua-Fox (Kit) Tap Adapter

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Product Description

Great aid for floorlayers / tilers  preparing screed / fillers,  -  on a domestic / small commercial job where only a small sink area is available and your water bucket will not fit under the tap or in the sink

Simply clamp the Aqua-Fox adapter to the tap, screw in 3/4" hose connector, and attach 1m length of hose! (The Aqua-Fox) is supplied as a complete kit with the connector and hose - so you're ready to go!!

No more guessing on amount of water mixed , no more searching for bottles/ tubs to add water !

( extremely easy to attach, please note it is important not to screw down the adapter too tightly onto the tap - normally light tightening is enough for the Aqua-Fox to work perfectly...)





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