Janser CYCLONE Separator

Product Code: 115-102-000 (B)

Product ID: 1203

Price Excluding VAT: £425.58

Price Including VAT: £510.69

Product Description

  • The Cyclone is two devices in one!    Use as a "separator" when grinding subfloors to remove heavier particles,  one port is linked to the grinding/removal machine, and the other is linked to your vacuum.  Work for longer without emptying vac,  -   the bucket of the Cyclone collects the bigger debris particles!
  • The chassis and bucket can also be used as a stirring station when preparing levelling compounds !
  • The Cyclone is supplied with :      aluminium transport/holding chassis, with swivel castors, a 75 lite bucket, Cyclone attachment collecting cone, with lid,   and 3.5m suction hose.
  • The Cyclone cone and lid is available to order as a seperate item for retro-fitting existing stirring stations (Profi/with 75 litre bucket)   -   code for Cyclone Top unit is 115-102-100

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